Canz Letz Itz Girlz Be Free

Photo: Courtesy of Canzacity

The breastaurant battle that threatened to tear Long Island apart last summer is making its way to the city. The Daily News says the Murray Hill location of Hooters imitator Canz (the first one in Manhattan, opening tomorrow, btw) is luring ladies away from the city’s Hooters locations. “I don’t want to hate on Hooters,” says Steven Ferraro, described by the tabloid as being both Canz’s owner and “a Los Angeles guy,” whatever that means. He adds: “Hooters confines their girls. We don’t.” You see, you guys? Canz is just, like, a really chill place to work. Just listen to Jessica Gonzales, former Hooters girl and new Canz convert: “I’m evolving as a woman … I can wear bracelets. I can paint my nails. I can dye my hair. I don’t have to cover my tattoos.” Unlike Hooters, which another Canz employee calls “military.” [NYDN, Earlier]