Those of You With Jobs, Take Note: Power Breakfast Is the New Power Dinner

We're in it for the eggs.
We're in it for the eggs. Photo: 451

If you’re planning to close a big deal or impress someone important, it’s most trendy (and effective!) to do it over OJ: “Breakfast is the new dinner. By getting business done earlier, it sets the tone and accomplishes a lot for the rest of the day.” This from Lou Imbriano, former vice president and chief marketing officer of the New England Patriots, as quoted by the Herald.

Asana, Met Back Bay (whose pork-stuft hash browns are pictured here), and Catalyst are each cited as bigwig-breakfasting locales.

But if you need more convincing that breakfast is best, note that sandwich standard-bearer Cutty’s in Brookline now serves breakfast sandies courtesy a brand-new egg cooker. It can churn out “half a dozen scrambled egg disks” at once, per Serious Eats. “Scrambled egg disks” don’t sound particularly appealing in print, but because it’s Cutty’s, the most amazing sandwich shop ever, we’re going to go with it and egg-spect good things.

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