Both Popular and Praised, Chimu Calls It Quits

Alas crispy pork belly, we hardly knew ye
Alas crispy pork belly, we hardly knew ye Photo: Chimu via Facebook

For some strange reason, at the apex of both its popularity and the Peruvian cuisine trend, Downtown’s Chimu called it quits last Saturday, as announced on Facebook. Big bummer for anyone with lamb belly on the mind for lunch today. Gourmet Pigs first brought the shutter to the city’s attention, explaining that chef Mario Orellana is going to work with Chimu owner Jason Michaud on his concept Red Hill, destined for Echo Park in December.

So basically, this was a Peruvian pop-up for six months that will now only exist in our imaginations, exponentially growing to be more and more legendary as the days go on. Chimu did reveal a big spot in local hearts for affordable, comforting Peruvian that felt like a home-grown presence beside Downtown’s Grand Central market. Here’s hoping it’s not the last chapter entirely for the brand, but that at the least, somebody does something equally as epic with the outdoor dining space it once occupied in Downtown.

Last Day for Chimu. Go!! [Gourmet Pigs]