Boston’s the Second-Best City for Trick-or-Treating; Cantaloupe Culprit Identified


• Good news for gluttonous ghouls: Zillow has named Boston the country’s second-best city for trick-or-treating. (San Francisco is number one.) [Zillow]

• It seems the filthy cantaloupe packing plant is at the source of the listeria outbreaks. [NPR]

• The code name for Google’s soon-to-be-released software for its new Galaxy Nexus Android is “Ice Cream Sandwich.” So that way it just seems like they’re talking about the awesome snacks in the cafeteria. [Telegraph UK]

• Paula Deen favorite Smithfield Farms seems to have gotten slightly less evil; on a ranking of the eco-friendliness of 500 top U.S. companies, it placed at No. 417, compared to last year’s 485. [MarketWatch]

• Here’s how to “Chinese orange” (yes, that’s a verb now) anything, from Chicken to … whatever. [Food Republic]