99 Restaurant Cooks Three-Thousand-Pound Unsanitary Nacho Plate to Help Children

99 problems, but big nachos aren't one.
99 problems, but big nachos aren't one. Photo: istockphoto

Well, Friendly’s is dying and Yelp is killing chains left and right. But at least one stalwart continues to thrive: The 99! The Billerica branch of the glossy-menu’d early-bird perch is now in the Guinness Book of World Records for whipping up the world’s largest (and grossest) plate of nachos. But they did it for the children!

Their version weighed a whopping 3,999 pounds. The restaurant admits that the “stunt” was partially to kill people reintroduce nachos to their menu, but the nacho event also raised money for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Billerica.

CBS helpfully parses the ingredients: 1,000 pounds of nacho chips, 920 pounds of Monterey Jack and cheddar, 460 pounds of Southwest cheese sauce (we don’t even want to know), 460 pounds of salsa, 460 pounds of chili, 184 pounds of jalapeno peppers, 92 pounds of diced red onion, and 418 hulking pounds of shimmering, glossy sour cream. Just your average, healthy afternoon snack! (Michelle Obama, where are you when we need you?)

The best part of this tawdry tale is that nobody got to eat the nachos. Why? The Billerica Board of Health said that the cooking conditions were “insufficiently sanitary,” which makes us really want to eat normally apportioned food at the 99, too. Guinness’s standards are looser, apparently, and they gave credence to the dirty appetizer just the same.

Friendly’s, maybe you got out of the game just in the nick of time!

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