Ben & Jerry’s Supports Occupy Wall Street; Subway to Launch High-Tech Payment System

• Forget supper clubs; in Basque country, the popular thing is all-male gastronomic societies, dubbed txokos. [WSJ]

• Moo-ve aside, bankers: Ben & Jerry’s is backing the Occupy Wall Street protest. [DNA Info]

• Subway plans to unveil “contactless payment” via phone, keychain fobs, etc. by next year. Kind of like a real subway. [NRN]

• Here’s a glimpse at how Glen Coben, the restaurant designer responsible for Del Posto and 47 other New York eateries, works. (Hint: He has a pretty sweet life of tasting menus and international travel.) [WSJ]

• Now that the Central Park Boathouse and the Hotel and Motel Trades Council have reached an agreement, the HTC has taken out ads encouraging Boathouse patronage. [Crain’s]

• One hot culinary figure since El Bulli’s closing is Sweden’s Magnus Nilsson, who favors foods like gulls’ eggs and fried thrush heads at his restaurant, Fäviken. [Newsweek via Daily Beast]