Bay Ridge Egg Cream Mecca Hinsch’s Closes

They had a pretty good lemon rickey, too.
They had a pretty good lemon rickey, too.Photo: emilydickinsonridesabmx's flickr

One of the last known safe havens (and remaining natural habitats) of the ever-embattled New York egg cream has closed in Bay Ridge. Hinsch’s Confectionery, which was also a decent place to get a tuna melt or deluxe hamburger, has been in continuous operation since 1949. Owner John Logue recently posted a sign in the restaurant’s window citing “customers’ changing eating patterns” and a “desire to retire early” as factors leading to the decision to close. “Basically my lease is up and that’s all,” Logue tells the Brooklyn Paper. In the meantime, the making of a Hinsch’s special has been preserved for posterity on YouTube, and as for the future of that endangered egg- and cream-less drink, witnesses say a pair of egg creams was spotted nesting in a high truss of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge late Sunday night near the east towers, in eight-ounce glasses. It is said they seemed to be contemplating a move to Staten Island. [Brooklyn Paper, Earlier]