Bagatelle Opening First Week of December with Scott Quinn in the Kitchen

The brand is trying to counter its Champagne-swilling sterotype
The brand is trying to counter its Champagne-swilling sterotypePhoto: e_calamar via Flickr

For anyone not satisfied with Rosé’s boozy brunches for barely-legal fashion models and the slick Europeans who slobber over them, we have an update on Bagatelle, the New York champagne sprayer that kicked off this genre and is coming to L.A. Forces behind the restaurant tell us that an opening in first week of December is currently projected, while chef Scott Quinn was recently hired by the brand’s new corporate chef, Romuald Jung, to oversee L.A.’s kitchen, all part of a new effort to upgrade the cuisine and (fingers-crossed) someday ditch the “boozy brunch” stereotype we kicked this whole story off with. Quinn, a native of Connecticut, is a young chef and Cordon Bleu grad who made his bones while working under Mark Hopper at Bouchon Las Vegas. The L.A. location will be the first opening in a global expansion of the brand, as it attempts to reach the one-percenters in Sao Paolo, London, and Vegas in the coming years.

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