Avert Thanksgiving Disaster: Order Your Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Now

Your apres-turkey plan.
Your apres-turkey plan. Photo: Roxanne Behr/New York Magazine

In case you’ve repressed the memory, last year’s Thanksgiving pie sale at Gowanus’s Four & Twenty Blackbirds was a crust-crazed mob scene, with lines forming at 6 a.m. and much ensuing sold-out sadness. This time around, the Elsen sisters are swapping the first-come-first-served approach for online orders. Reservations are currently being taken at www.birdsblack.com for four holiday flavors: brown butter pumpkin, bittersweet chocolate pecan, salty honey, and the ever-popular salted caramel apple. Some good news for hopeless procrastinators, too: A limited number of unreserved pies will be on offer Thanksgiving morning and the preceding afternoon, if you’re willing to take your chances on dessert.