Astoria Food-Cart Scammer Racked Up $90K in Health-Code Violations


An Astoria pita vendor was busted for racking up $90,000 in health-code violations over the last few years, which he avoided paying by changing his name and Social Security number multiple times. The Post writes that Egyptian-born Ayman Metwaly also went by Ayman Metwaey, Ayman Abdelrashid Ali Metwally, and Ayman Abdelrashed Metwally, something the Health Department never caught on to, as he was permitted to apply for new vendor licenses under the aliases rather than renew and pay his fines. Our takeaway: Get with the program, Health Department; also, here’s hoping $90,000 in health-code violations didn’t translate to a commensurate amount racked up in emergency-room visits by this guy’s hapless customers. [NYP]