Amidst Rumored Scandal, NYC Chef Gabrielle Hamilton Comes to Town

Hamilton, at Prune earlier this year.
Hamilton, at Prune earlier this year. Photo: Melissa Hom

This year’s James Beard Award winner for Best Chef in New York (and recent Grub Street Dieter), Gabrielle Hamilton of Prune fame, is going to be “in conversation” with Kim Severson tomorrow night at City Arts & Lectures at the Herbst Theater, and you can still buy tickets here. Hamilton also got a ton of attention this year for her food-centric memoir Blood, Bones & Butter, which rivals Ruth Reichl’s trilogy in the most-compelling-modern-food-memoir department. But as our brethren at NY Mag noted last week, she didn’t become truly famous until Page Six decided to write up her rumored recent affair with her brother-in-law. Will Severson deign to ask Hamilton about this? We can only hope. [Grub Street]