Alternatives to Gefilte Fish; Could Bánh Mì Be the Next Big Trend?

• Plenty of people are over gefilte fish, so for the Jewish holidays Manischewitz is pushing other products, including Moroccan fish balls. Interesting. [WSJ]

• On his CMT show, Top Secret Recipe, Todd Wilbur sniffs out the famous recipes of well-known eateries and tries to duplicate them. Careful who you tangle with, Todd! [NYT]

• If you don’t know much about the gastronomic offerings in Inwood (guilty), here’s a roundup of four “food gems” to get you started. [DNA Info]

• The urge to forage for food may in fact be deeply ingrained in humans. [Chicago Tribune]

• Could bánh mì be the next big food trend? If Chipotle can open an Asian concept, then hey, why not? [NRN]

• One expert at the Rodale Institute sums up the truly important reason to buy organic produce: Organic agriculture is sustainable, while conventional is not. [HuffPo]