Adam Platt on Romera; the Fast-Food Indian Trend Heats Up

In this week's New York, Adam Platt considers Romera, the pricey new restaurant in the basement of the Dream Hotel. Its chef, Dr. Miguel Sanchez Romera, is a "trained neurologist and a self-taught chef whose food is described by his admirers (his Barcelona restaurant, L’Esguard, has one Michelin star) as being a kind of holistic, artisanal version of the high-wire molecular gastronomy practiced by his famous countryman Ferran Adrià." His dishes have Greek names, tasting notes from the chef, and are presented with flavored waters — the price tag for a meal is a set $245. Our critic finds a "soft, deliberately blanched quality to Dr. Romera’s mannered style of cooking (he famously substitutes a cassava gel for pork fat," which works best in the seafood and vegetable dishes. Platt also enjoys the "clinically soothing, almost spalike peacefulness of the room"; but ultimately prices are too high — the restaurant receives one star.

In the ten years since Kati Roll Company opened on Bleecker Street, the Indian fast-food trend has heated up. From dosas to the puffed rice dish bhel puri, here's a look at where to find Indian bites that span the subcontinent, most of them going for under $10.

Meanwhile, Spotted Pig alumnus Nate Smith has opened his place in Williamsburg, Allswell, which boasts seasonal cooking; a quirky, lived-in setting; and a transporting vibe. See the menus. And as it gets chillier, here's an apple recipe from Mario Batali that's practically a cheese course and a dessert rolled into one.