Some (Pretty Much Already Leaked) Power Moves

Daddy's leaving EMP.
Daddy's leaving EMP. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Over at Diner’s Journal, they’re confirming a few stories that everyone has been sniffing out for weeks now: Joël Robuchon will consult over at Steve Hanson’s Kibo (something we called a few weeks ago), and Danny Meyer is passing on the keys of Eleven Madison Park to his protégés Daniel Humm and Will Guidara. In theory, if we didn’t already know about the Kibo bit, the intermingling of the dignified chef Robuchon and the fratty suction cup that is the old Japonais space would come as an interesting surprise. And frankly, since we had also heard about the Danny Meyer scoop, that’s not so riveting either — although now that EMP has three Michelin Stars, some real excitement could ensue. [Diner’s Journal/NYT, Diner’s Journal/NYT, Related]