Zooey Deschanel on Defunct Veganism

Despite the bangs and quirks, she's really not a vegan.
Despite the bangs and quirks, she's really not a vegan.Photo: Larry Busacca

Over at Vulture, there’s a whole new enchilada on Zooey Deschanel — all the stuff that couldn’t fit into the cover story, including an in-depth explanation of her non-vegan vegan diet: “Deschanel is not a vegan, despite what you might have seen on Top Chef Masters. She’s not even vegetarian. Basically, five years ago she took a blood test and discovered that she couldn’t eat dairy or eggs or wheat. ‘I am the worst person to ever eat with because I have all these stupid food allergies.’” She explains that her sister, Emily, was a vegan, which sort of rubbed off on her. “In the back of my mind, I was like, ‘It’ll be easy! I can’t have that stuff anyway.’ But I didn’t realize you have so few options in the end.” Alas, the gluten-free, vegan life was all too disenchanting for her inner spirit: “I think I was at a sushi restaurant and I was like, ‘Oh. Fuck it.’” [Vulture]