Pelaccio Further Explains Fatty ’Cue’s Thai-Style Bottle Service

The Fatty crew just wants customers to have a good time. Photo: Melissa Hom

Bottle Service. It has such an unpleasant connotation. Which is why it’s a very good thing that Zak Pelaccio penned this funny piece for Food Republic explaining how Fatty ‘Cue’s Thai-style bottle service is exactly the opposite of unpleasant. We touched on Fatty ‘Cue’s unusual take on drinking in yesterday’s slideshow, but here he explains how the new method is actually more cost effective, discusses some of the specialty mixers (like strawberry-long peppercorn and blood-orange Indian cinnamon), and makes an unofficial promise that if you buy a super-expensive bottle of bourbon, "We’ll commend your bold choice by giving you a shot at playing DJ … for a little while, at least." As long as your taste isn’t "shitty." [Food Republic]

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