Wherein We Finally Learn What’s Going Down at the Crown

DeLucie gave us this face when we asked about the Crown.
DeLucie gave us this face when we asked about the Crown.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Despite our public plea to learn what the heck is going on over at John DeLucie’s new one, the Crown, Eater gets its paws on the scoop today. It seems the glittering Bruno Jamais replacement will make its debut for the hoi polloi (relatively speaking, anyway) precisely one week from today, in time for Fashion Week. Granted all the fashionable types who matter at all have probably been there already for some private party or photo shoot in the “gentlemen’s club”–esque space. Should you wish to follow in their footsteps (and if you’re able to score a reservation — this one probably won’t be on OpenTable), the bill of fare cooked by Gotham Bar & Grill alum Jason Hall reportedly leans “Continental.” And, at least if most details have eluded us, one thing’s clear: Chris Cannon–empire pastry star Heather Bertinetti has landed here — so dessert, at least, should be good. [Eater NY, Earlier]