Where Should Jonathan Waxman Open a New Restaurant?

Might Barbu-two be a meatball joint?
Might Barbu-two be a meatball joint? Photo: Melissa Hom

We’ve been hearing murmurs for a while that Jonathan Waxman is on the hunt for a spot to open a new restaurant, and in an interview with Restaurant Girl, when asked if he has plans or aspirations for additional restaurants, he says, “Sheepishly, yes.” Good enough for us! Last we heard, he’d looked in Harlem, which is a place we could see making sense, though the report is totally unconfirmed. We’re selfish, so we’d suggest he open a Barbuto follow-up closer to Grub Street HQ downtown. Whatever happens, it’s a ways off. For the time being, we’ll just have to make do with special Nancy Silverton tag-team dinners and that awesome roast chicken at his West Village spot. [Restaurant Girl]