What You Missed at Eat Real 2011 in Jack London Square

Sometimes really fun stuff happens in Oaktown, you guys.
Sometimes really fun stuff happens in Oaktown, you guys. Photo: Oakland North

This year’s Eat Real fest once again drew (approximately) hundreds of thousands out to the Oakland waterfront for a street food feast featuring dozens of food trucks, much craft-beer tasting, DIY urban homesteading demos, and, newly to this years fest, cocktails! (Rye on the Road bar guy Greg Lindgren taught people how to make their own bitters during a Friday seminar, and 15 Romolo’s Aaron Smith instructed people in the art of making the trendy, vinegar-based cocktail syrups known as shrubs.) Oakland North has given us a nicely narrated slideshow of the weekend’s happenings, with a number of man/woman-on-the-street interviews in which Oakland residents talk defensively about how awesome their city really is. No really.

Eat Real Festival serving up cheap, fresh, local food
[Oakland North]
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