West Hollywood’s Hugo’s Comes to Agoura Hills This Monday

Hugo's is ready for Agoura Hills
Hugo's is ready for Agoura Hills Photo: Hugo's via Facebook

Hugo’s has a long history in West Hollywood, from its origins as a butcher shop to a flourishing hot spot in the eighties to its current position as a dependable brunch stronghold. In addition to the two-strong Hugo’s Tacos chain, the brand sprang a Hugo’s on Studio City in the mid-aughts. That location clearly struck a chord with Valleypeople, as Hugo’s will officially open its doors to Agoura Hills this Monday. Expect the same fresh, heart-healthy takes on massive, multi-national menus of breakfast, burgers, and health and ahimsa-conscious comfort as you’ll find in the original, along with those chilaquiles we adore, whether they’re killing us or not.

Hugo’s, open Monday at 28914 Roadside Dr. Agoura Hills. 818-707-0300.