Vanessa’s Dumpling House Williamsburg Slated for Late October

Coming in late October.
Coming in late October. Photo: Jenny Miller

Signage went up recently for the Vanessa’s Dumpling House branch going in at 310 Bedford, and it seems the dollar-dumpling specialist is aiming to open in late October. It’ll be hot on the heels of fellow cheap-eats joints Crif Dogs, the Meatball Shop, and La Esquina, who’ve all recently rolled out locations across the East River. Grub tracked down Neal Glaser, a longtime customer and friend of Vanessa Weng herself, who told us that the venture will be the project of his son, Adam, age 23, and Weng’s son, Justin, who is 22. “We’re backing the kids in helping [Vanessa] expand her name,” he explained. Vanessa herself has been emphasizing healthy cooking in recent years — she uses just a smidge of oil and some water to fry her delicious pork-and-chive dumplings — and that will continue in the ‘burg, with even more emphasis on vegetable and vegetarian offerings. If things go as planned, there’ll be beer and wine to wash down the dumplings, which will probably go for something like four for $1.29, instead of the four for a buck you find on Eldridge Street. “It’s become a high-priced market over there,” says Glaser, but “this is still going to be a very good buy.”