Underground Eats Has Some Invitations Left for Tuesday Night, Maybe

A supper club starts its engine.
A supper club starts its engine. Photo: Nick Kindelsperger

There’s something slightly disjointed about posting alllll the details about an underground eating event — but hey, they want the press! This Tuesday, Underground Eats is dipping its pinky toe into New York waters with BDGA Kitchen, “a one-night-only experience curated by pop-up newcomers Underground Eats and the visionary chefs at Do or Dine.” Six courses (from chilled chanterelle soup to Jamaican beef patties), artwork, booze, and more secret liaisons, all for $85. Only one problem: you’re not invited. Well, maybe you are. There are a few spots left, and if you don’t make the cut this time, there are more well-publicized enigmatic dinner parties on the horizon. (Although, Do or Dine is especially groovy.) [Underground Eats]