Today in Pizza: Deep-Dish Hits Manhattan Beach, Napoli-Approved Pies in Pasadena, and Antica Pizzeria Searches for a Home

Chicago-style deep dish at Union Pizza, Manhattan Beach
Chicago-style deep dish at Union Pizza, Manhattan Beach Photo: Union Pizza

Know for its traditional thin-crust pies, Manhattan Beach’s Beech Street Pizza, the offshoot of a larger flagship in Pacific Palisades, is making some deep changes. As owner Bobby Mackston brings two new partners on-board, he’s changed the name to Union Pizza Company and is now open with a focus of using higher quality, natural ingredients, less seldom seen toppings like artichokes and chipotles, and a new Chicago-style deep dish pie. Check out the menu online. And what’s happening on Pasadena’s pizza scene?

Victor Caballero reports that a location of Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana, a chain with locations in Nevada and Salt Lake City, is opening a location in the Pasadena Playhouse area, right between Roy’s and Tender Greens. You can suss out the menu online, while Caballero spies the Verace Pizza Napoletana charter certification meant to preserve the authentic preparation of Neapolitan pie among pizza makers.

This certification is typically trumpeted over the so-so pies of Antica Pizza, who will no longer be able to call themselves the only VPN-certified pizza maker in L.A. once Settebello comes to town. Antica, as we once predicted, is looking to a new location in Marina del Rey, following its forced shutter to make way for a new Equinox location.

Union Pizza Company, now open, 1570 Rosecrans Ave. Manhattan Beach. 310-536-9888.
Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana, coming to 44 N. Madison St., Pasadena.

Coming Soon: NEW: Pasadena Playhouse District Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana Pizzeria #pasadena [Victor Caballero]