The Townhouse Is Holding a Test Kitchen Reunion

Walter Manzke will ride again at Test Kitchen
Walter Manzke will ride again at Test Kitchen Photo: KevinEats

On September 19th, on a very special episode of Test Kitchen, former kitchen stars of the pop-up sensation will reunite at The Townhouse for two different, but simultaneous dinners that celebrate the concept’s one-year anniversary. One will be held in Picca, with Ricardo Zarate hosting Roy Choi and Mozza’s Dahlia Narvaez for a six-course dinner, along with drink-slingers Julian Cox, Matt Biancaniello, Matt Wagner, Dave Kupchinsky, and Krishna Vutla. Downstairs in Sotto, chefs Steve Samson and Zach Pollack will welcome Nancy Silverton, David Lefevre, and Walter Manzke, with cocktails by Davidson Fernie, Joel Black, Mark Mendoza, and Sotto’s own Kate Grutman. Then what?

After the show comes an after-party in Picca’s mezzanine, with the guest mixologists fueling the late-night bacchanal. Menus are coming soon to both restaurants websites, while $70 dinner reservations can be made by calling each restaurant directly. See the details below.


Test Kitchen Dinner ~ Upstairs at Picca
Monday, September 19th
Reservations Available: 6:00 - 11:00 P.M.
Chefs: Ricardo Zarate hosting Roy Choi and Dahlia Narvaez (Mozza)
Bar: Julian Cox, Matt Biancaniello (Library Bar), Matt Wagner (Rivera), Dave Kupchinsky (Eveleigh), Krishna Vutla (Picca)
6 Courses, $70 + Tax + Gratuity, Partial Proceeds Benefit Root Down

Test Kitchen Dinner ~ Downstairs at Sotto
Monday, September 19th
Reservations Available 6:00 - 11:00 P.M.
Chefs: Steve Samson & Zach Pollack hosting Walter Manzke, Nancy Silverton, David Lefevre (MB Post) and Matt Molina (Mozza)
Bar: Davidson Fernie (Playa, Harvard & Stone), Joel Black, Kate Grutman (Sotto) + Sommelier Mark Mendoza (Sona, Comme Ca)
6 Courses, $70 + Tax + Gratuity, Partial Proceeds Benefit GettLove

After Party
Monday, September 19th | 11p - 1a
Join us at Picca’s upstairs Mezzanine Bar for an After Party with our guest mixologists and Julian Cox.

Picca | or 310-277-0133
Sotto | or 310-277-0201