The Big Lebrewski Hits Beer Belly on Friday

The Jesus
The Jesus Photo: Michael Pollak via Flickr

Just to knock a few customers from The Wiltern’s Big Lebowski Fest this Friday, Beer Belly has its own “Big Lebrewski” event of eating and drinking planned. Obviously, beer flows much fuller than white russians here, so most of the movie-inspired humor is found in the food, with menu items like ligonberry pancakes in white russian cream, “I said NEAR the In-N-Out Burger” Animal Fries by way of Beer Belly, and “You’re Entering a World of Pain” hot wings.

If you’re going to The Wiltern’s event, the restaurant will even give you half-off your first brew when you bring your ticket in. Otherwise you have to come dressed in character (we’re expecting a lot of nihilists and Jesuses) to get the same deal. The party kicks off on Friday night and you can preview Beer Belly’s a few of the menu items* below.

Beer Belly
September 23rd, 2011


-Lingonberry Pancakes w/ White Russian Whip Cream
-“We’ll cut off your johnson” Hot Dog w/ NOTHING on it (toppings on the side)
-“I said NEAR the In-N-Out Burger” Animal Fries BB Style
-“You’re entering a world of pain” Tapatio & Pickled Jalapeno Wings
-“Obviously you’re not a golfer” Risotto Balls w/ Roasted Corn Aoli

*This post was updated to show that this will not be the restaurant’s full menu.