The Buzz You Get From Coffee Might Be All in Your Head

Think of this as a neon mirage.

Grub Street is only half-awake this dreary (in New York, anyway) Tuesday morning, and we probably won't even remember writing this post, but thank goodness for the cup of strong coffee on our desk.* Wait, what's that? A new study suggests the feeling of alertness caffeinated coffee provides might be a load of bunk. When participants were given decaf and regular coffee, then tested for awakeness and happiness an hour later, they performed about the same regardless of which kind of cuppa they'd sucked down, as long as they thought it was caffeinated. So if you're trying to quit, maybe get somebody in your household to replace regular with decaf without telling you about it? [HuffPo, Related]

*This post has been corrected to show that it's Tuesday, not Monday. Long weekends, oy.