SushiStop Takes Over Sushi Mac Space

Soon to be the second home of SushiStop
Soon to be the second home of SushiStop Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

It didn’t take long for SushiStop to hook in a sizable crowd with its discounted rates for aburi sushi, uni shooters, and cooked dishes. After opening last November, the place managed to convince a number of us skeptics that its cheap fare was a pretty good value. Unfortunately for converts, they weren’t alone.

The restaurant quickly amassed a crowd that keeps available seats at the sushi bar at a minimum and potential customers waiting at the door or fleeing for a competitor. Now we see SushiStop taking over Sawtelle’s shuttered Sushi Mac space, with plans to double its presence in Little Osaka in the coming weeks. The move should help to ease the congestion. That is, until the same students who crowd Hara or still covet Hide discover it.

Sushi Stop, coming to 2222 Sawtelle Blvd. West L.A.