Sorting Out Jews and Chinese Food; Gristedes Owner Threatens to Shutter Chain

• Josh Ozersky ponders an eternal mystery: Why are Jews so smitten with Chinese food? [Time]

• Chipotle’s South Asian spinoff, ShopHouse Kitchen, debuts Thursday in D.C. P.F. Chang’s, it’s on. [NRN]

• Gristedes owner John Catsimatidis is threatening to shut down his supermarket chain if he can’t renegotiate a $3.5 million wage settlement with his employees. This guy spent a million bucks on his daughter’s wedding this summer, sheesh. [NYP]

• With poor eating habits, little exercise, and smoking, China is basically turning into America circa 1965, and it has the same chronic diseases to show for it. [WP]

• Underground Secret Dining in Jakarta trumps anything the kids are doing in Brooklyn or San Francisco: Guests have no idea what will be served until they show up. [SceneAsia/WSJ]

• New research about deals sites suggest people are just as much suckers for small discounts as large ones. [NRN]

• Sugar refiners are suing corn-syrup processors, and needless to say, relations between the two are anything but sweet. [ABC News]