Sneak Peek at Jolie Cantina, Opening Wednesday in Cobble Hill

Jolie Cantina.
Jolie Cantina. Photo: Courtesy Jolie Cantina

Well, here’s a new one: When Jolie Cantina opens next week, it will offer French-Mexican food — French-ican? The mash-up comes courtesy owner Benjamin Tretout, who is French-Italian, and chef Eliseo Gonzaga, from Puebla, Mexico. The duo served French food for seven years at Jolie restaurant, and the place will offer some standards carried over from that eatery, including French-style steak tartare, which is contrasted with a tequila-and-pepper-marinated Mexican version. There’s also escargot à la Mexicana, prepared with jalapeños and basil; duck confit enchiladas; and a selection of fusion-y tacos. If all that sounds un poco bizarre, brunch dishes keep more to one cuisine or the other, such as chilaquiles or Nutella crepes. For those couples constantly fighting over whether to have Mexican or French, the spot will be open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Friday, and brunch and dinner on the weekends.

Jolie Cantina, 241 Smith St., at Douglass St., Cobble Hill; 718-488-0777