Silver Lake Couple Produces Feral Honey at Home

"Honeycomb, be my own."
"Honeycomb, be my own." Photo: Wildxplorer via Flickr

It looks like all that urban bee-keeping is finally paying off for the rest of us! Backwards Beekeepers, a collaboration between a Silver Lake couple raising bees at home and beekeeper Kurt Anderson, is producing Feral Honey, a wild honey they claim beats the sticky stuff out of those plastic honey-filled bears (though the bears probably make better bongs than Feral’s mason jars). The product is slowly seeping into cocktails at Barbrix and the cheese plate at Bar Covell, and available at Atwater’s Village Bakery and Cafe. The honey is bartered and not sold, but that hasn’t stopped Feral Honey from selling t-shirts. [Boing Boing]