Will Rocca Become A New, Entirely Different Italian Restaurant?

Gaslight's team might remodel Rocca.
Gaslight's team might remodel Rocca.

When Rocca suddenly shut down in January, gossip spread fast. What would become of the South End space? Where would chef Tiffani Faison end up? At last, we have answers.

Faison, as we now know, is about to open a ’cue restaurant near Fenway. As for Rocca? BosGuy, who originally tipped us off to the Rocca brouhaha, now confirms on his blog that the Aquitaine Group (who own French bistro Gaslight just down the block) will take over the space and make it into … another Italian restaurant! Interesting. Apparently a “complete remodeling” will occur, with the restaurant set to open in early 2012. When we talked to Aquitaine’s Jeff Gates about these rumors back in May, he hedged his bets and refused to confirm definite plans.

In other South End gossip, BosGuy also speculates that Patricia Yeo’s old Ginger Park space might become a high-end steakhouse, a concept that might actually suit the cavernous digs. Stay tuned.

Dishing Some South End Restaurant Gossip [BosGuy]

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