Recalling the Days of Five-Star In-flight Dining; Small Factories Proliferate in Africa

• Frosted Flakes explained: Turns out kids’ seemingly limitless appetite for sweetness is biological. [NPR]

• Caviar carts and prime rib … Pan Am brings back the days of five-star in-flight dining. [SheKnows]

• Raise the (food truck) roof for Solber Pupusas: The Red Hook Ballfields vendor took first place at the Vendys over the weekend. [DNA Info]

• Grocery chains are increasingly getting rid of self-service checkout lanes, since only a small percentage of the population uses them. Must be everyone else relishes those cheery interactions with grocery clerks. [AP via Chron]

• Manufacturing is happening in Africa at last, with small factories producing everything from chocolate to hot sauce to shoes. [WSJ]