Pierre LaFond Taking Over Santa Barbara’s Piatti

Piatti, Santa Barbara
Piatti, Santa Barbara Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

After serving Santa Barbara’s lower Montecito Village for 22 years, the flagship location of Piatti is closing, having made the decision not to renew its lease. According to a manager’s statement in The Santa Barbara Daily Sound, the self-closure comes not from this location itself, suggesting it may have trickled down from the corporate desk that controls the restaurant’s eight affiliated locations. Nor does it appear to have anything to do with the recent invasion by the Kardashian family, who supped at the restaurant before Kim’s recent wedding. The restaurant space will be purchased by local luxury grocery market and restaurant, Pierre LaFond, which will convert the space into Pierre LaFond Wine Bistro, with a new menu from chef Nathan Heil and an updated look that will wash away Piatti’s when it closes at the end of the month.

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