PETA’s Porny Plans

Yes, that IS Che Guevara's granddaughter stripping for PETA.

PETA has been establishing for years that a lot of famously hot people would "rather go naked than wear fur," but now the animal-rights organization is stepping up the scandal. The Daily News has it that PETA hopes to capitalize on the soon-to-launch ".xxx" Internet domain with a site, PETA.XXX, featuring seductive images of unclothed humans that "lead users to information and footage ‘of how animals suffer in the food industry.’" Because nothing gets the blood pounding quicker than animal suffering. Still, porn is probably a better way for PETA to convey its message than buzzkill tactics like protesting live octopus or restaurants adorned with taxidermy. Ultimately, the organization wants this latest scheme to "get people talking," a rep told the News. Mission accomplished, we suppose.

PETA hopes to launch pornography site, PETA.XXX, to promote veganism [NYDN]