Pace Plans to Patch Over Pane e Vino

The closed Pane e Vino space
The closed Pane e Vino space Photo: Eater LA

One longstanding Italian closes, and another one takes its place, ensuring L.A. never has a deficit in the pasta department. Eater reports that Sandy Gendel, the chef and owner of Pace and Cheebo, is taking over the former home of Pane e Vino in Beverly Hills for a new restaurant. Possibly intending to give Mercato di Vetro a run for its cool-guy dollars, Gendel is tapping Spacecraft to give the space a new look. Sounds like potentially encouraging news for an approachable Italian to take Pane’s place. We enjoy Pace, but loathe Cheebo, so hopefully the rustic romance of Gendel’s Laurel Canyon stunner has a stronger influence on the new property, as is so far expected. As Eater points out, Pace and that famous patio could make a perfect fit!

Sandy Gendel of Pace Has Purchased The Pane e Vino Space [Eater]