Opaque is Headed to Gotham

"Tonight's the day, candle."
"Tonight's the day, candle." Photo: L.C. Nottaasen via Flickr

Opaque, whose “Dining in the Dark” concept is housed in Santa Monica’s V-Lounge, is headed to The Breslin in New York, from September 22nd to 25th. Opaque employs legally blind waiters and surprise menus and was recently purchased by the club’s owners before this East Coast expansion was announced.

Grub Street New York talked to a manager, who maintains that it doesn’t get “messy,” while we once spoke to a employee who admits that when the lights go off, it’s not unheard of for couples to get a little too comfortable in there. One big coup for the company is that they’ve got The Breslin’s exec chef, April Bloomfield, and chef de cuisine, Peter Cho, designing the pre-fixe menus. [Opaque NYC]