NYC Food Film Festival: Tortilla Cinema With Rockaway Taco, Food Porn With Brad Farmerie, and More

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The folks at the NYC Food Film Festival, happening October 13 to 16, understand the sort of movie-stomach connection that induces weeklong ramen cravings after a viewing of Tampopo, which is why, for the fifth year, they're throwing a weekend's worth of events that show you food then invite you to eat it. There's a night of kickoff films about burgers and beer followed by a chowdown from Bill's Bar & Burger chef Brett Reichler, paired with craft brews. On subsequent nights, watch two South American foodie films, then dig into a meal by La Mar chef Gaston Acurio; or enjoy an evening of "Food Porn" with Saxon + Parole chef Brad Farmerie. Possibly best of all is the Tribeca Taco Takedown, which pits Rockaway Taco against the likes of Tortilleria Nixtamal and offers a side of taco-centric cinema. Tickets range from $45 to $105 and are available here.