NJ Braces For Hungry Black Bear Blitz; Kosher Sandwiches Fail to Meet Subway’s Expectations

• Wet and stormy weather in New Jersey has deprived the state’s thriving black bear population of food, which means they are more likely to go looking for sustenance this fall in residents’ backyards. [myfoxphilly]

• Temporary food stamps being made available in the wake of Tropical Storm Lee draw and confuse thousands of flood victims throughout the region. [CBS Philly]

• Yes! We knew coffee was awesome: Research shows the more of it women drink, the less depressed they are. [CNN]

• Pets are the latest victims of the down economy, with pet-food pantries (yes, evidently there is such a thing) struggling to meet all those mewling demands. [Your Life/USAT]

• As consumers crave new tastes, fast-casual restaurants are thriving, while traditional fast-food struggles; to compensate, big fast-food chains are offering aggressive daily deals. [ABC News, USAT]

• The Kosher-sandwich market has not worked out as well as Subway thought it would five years ago. [WSJ]