New Law Legalizes Drinking at the Movies; Naked Cowboy Oysters Proliferate

• Worried about heating costs this winter? Try Dorito’s, the latest alternative fuel source. [Grist]

• Remember how it was kind of a bummer that you can drink at the new Nitehawk Cinema, but only in the lobby? Well, a new law has made it legal to drink in your movie seat. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• If you enjoy highbrow musings about Tostitos and Trident, check out McSweeney’s latest crop of “Reviews of New Food.” [McSweeney’s]

• Souper Salad has filed for Chapter 11. So much for being super. [NRN]

• How about them apples: Dr. Oz claimed most apple juice contains more than the acceptable amount of arsenic, and that pissed the FDA off quite a bit. [NYDN]

• One family decided to forgo grocery stores and restaurants for a year. Here’s how that worked out (hint: They got really sick of cucumbers). [Moneyland/Time]

• If you haven’t been oyster-slurping lately, perhaps you’re not aware there’s a Naked Cowboy oyster, named after the Times Square guy. Grub Street can vouch that they’re pretty tasty. [DNA Info]