Nancy Silverton Sets The Mozza Cookbook Straight

Coming for your Fiorentini with guanciale
Coming for your Fiorentini with guanciale Photo: Crystl via Flickr

At a recent signing of The Mozza Cookbook, Nancy Silverton demonstrated the strict attention to detail that makes her such a valued baker and chef. Plagued by the mention of an incorrect, alternate pasta strain in one of her recipes, Silverton supposedly had her co-author and friend Carolynn Carreño personally change each and every book with a red pen before it could be signed. Food Republic claims, “It was not unlike a student being forced to write ‘I will not put gum in Sally’s hair ever again.’” Carreño, who didn’t appear to mind, defended the chef’s perfectionism in saying,”It’s a charming tic if you know her.” [Food Republic]