Milos Settles With Employees for $2 Million

Estiatorio Milos.
Estiatorio Milos. Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Wow. One time, Grub Street received a $25 check for being part of a lawsuit where a certain fitness chain kept deducting our monthly fee, even after we quit, but this is way huger: 200 employees of Milos have settled with the Greek restaurant for nearly $2 million (that’s $10,000 each, in case math isn’t your thing) for alleged unlawful handling of tips. The captains, waiters, runners, busboys, and bartenders worked at the restaurant between July 28, 2002 and May 20, 2011 — so, imagine if this was somewhere you worked years ago and then suddenly retribution is yours in the form of ten grand. We could handle that.