Mia Dona Is Maybe, Definitely, 100 Percent Closing — But When and Why?

Mia Dona is megaconfused.
Mia Dona is megaconfused. Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Just this afternoon, a rep working with Donatella Arpaia confirmed that Mia Dona was closing so that Donatella could focus on motherhood and otherhood. But when? Tomorrow, rep assured. But then, when Grub Street called the restaurant to confirm, such was not the case at all. First there was shock, then denial, and even a flash of anger when one of the chef-owners told us himself that yes, the restaurant would be closing “probably” in the future, but definitely not in the very near future. In fact, it’s so not closing in the next few days that another staffer even invited Grub for happy hour on Monday. So, it’s a thinker, and definitely a juicy story. But either way you look at it, Mia Dona is done.