Would You Like to Personally Assist Marc Forgione?

Mohawk-styling skills presumably not required.
Mohawk-styling skills presumably not required. Photo: Melissa Hom

It seems a casual remark to a friend about needing a personal assistant has turned into a full-blown Twitter want ad for chef Marc Forgione. In the hour since his pal tweeted the “job opening,” the chef tells us he’s already gotten three or four responses. “Maybe it wasn’t such a bad joke,” he said. “Right now my office manager helps me out a lot, but the restaurant has gotten so busy, it’s not really fair.” Job responsibilities would include anything from recipe testing to handling VIP reservations to helping Forgione at events. So who’s the ideal candidate? “Somebody that understands food and the restaurant business and somebody that loves food — they’re gonna be around it all day long.” The position is full-time and involves working mostly at Marc Forgione in Tribeca; interested parties should call the restaurant. And if that doesn’t sound like you after all, there’s always that Bloomberg speech-writing gig. [AsherT/Twitter]