Laurent Quenioux to Compete on Top Chef: Texas

Quenioux is ready for his closeup
Quenioux is ready for his closeup Photo: Bravo

We’ve just perused the lineup for Top Chef: Texas, which will up the number of cheftestants to 29 this season (don’t worry, it won’t be 29 weeks long). The city has known for a while that it would be rooting for a few L.A. heroes like Wilshire’s Nyesha Arrington and Nine-Thirty at The W’s Dakota Weiss. Now it appears that Chris Crary, who works at Whist, will also be competing, and none other than Laurent Quenioux will also be a contestant. At 51, the French chef, who now cooks at Vertical and Starry Kitchen after closing his Bistro LQ this year, is the oldest Top Chef hopeful we’ve seen in, well, probably ever. But knowing the mad genius and inspiration that goes into his dishes, we’re sure the chef can teach these young dogs some new tricks. Check out Quenioux’s Top Chef bio video below and get ready to root for L.Q. come November 2nd.