La Rondalla Lives! May Reopen Before the Holidays

La Rondalla, back in the day.
La Rondalla, back in the day. Photo: James Cohen/Flickr

La Rondalla (20th and Valencia), the long-shuttered Mexican restaurant and bar that was lovingly compared to a “Rosarita crack den” in its heyday and closed in 2008 after a particularly bad health inspection, will officially reopen under the leadership of the original owner’s daughters. As Mission Local reports, Betty and Luna Barrios, whose father Carlos Barrios ran the place for over twenty years after inheriting it from his parents, are picking up where their dad left off and hoping to have renovations and inspections complete by early December (the elder Barrios has faced a few holdups due to an untrustworthy contractor and his own ailing health). The two sisters grew up in the restaurant, and even “played waitress” and got real tips at ages eight and nine. “We’re pretty excited but nervous,” says Luna. Apart from a new interior, it sounds like things will remain the same, with talk of rehiring the same cook they had for twenty years.

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