Kale Salad and Grass-Fed Asada Replace Burrito King in Silver Lake

Kale collides with Mexican food
Kale collides with Mexican food Photo: Joyosity via Flickr

Eating L.A. lets us know that Burrito King on Hyperion is officially no more. In its place sits Mixto Comida Latina, a fitting new symbol of Silver Lake’s past decade of transformation from Tomato Pie owners Garrett Policastro and Freddy Suarez.

Kale caesar salad and grass-fed beef have replaced only-god-knows-what was supplying The King all these years, while Pat Saperstein clarifies that this isn’t exactly Guisado’s or Zamora Brothers (which still thrives in Pico-Union).

Here you’ll find higher prices, an almost flavor-free, albeit much fresher carne asada torta, and surcharges for such commonly free add-ons as cilantro and onion. Still, Saperstein says she will be back for another taste of the healthy fare, as eating greasy chile rellenos everyday is apparently like, bad for you or something. The Yelp reviews are not quite as encouraging for a return trip.

Mixto Comida Latina, 2827 Hyperion Ave. Silver Lake.

Mixto: Los nuevos burritos de Silver Lake [Eating L.A.]