Joe Dressner Made Us Laugh and Will Be Missed

A bolt of lightening till the end.

The wine world, from France to Napa to New York, is mourning the loss of an unforgettable player in the cast of characters that comprise the food universe. Joe Dressner, 60, died this weekend after fighting brain cancer for three years, a struggle he bravely tried to find humor in. Grub Street was lucky enough to have attended a tasting with him just a few months back in Brooklyn, where, despite his recent brain surgery, he had no problem calling us newbies less-than-complimentary names (relentlessly!), cracking up an entire room of wannabe winos for several hours straight, even while standing up was difficult for him. He made us laugh so hard that we spit out our Beaujolais — and not for the sake of tasting etiquette. Rest in peace, Joe Dressner. And thanks. [NYT]