Jennifer Rubell Presents ‘Nutcrackers’ and ‘Made in Texas’

Old-school Texan cuisine meets downtown New York art scene.

Fans of food-art goddess Jennifer Rubell (like Birthday Boy) would follow her to the moon. But first, Dallas. To kick off Dallas Contemporary, Rubell is revealing two deliciously provocative projects. The first is called "Nutcrackers," an exhibition open from September 25 to December 4, that features eighteen life-size mannequins retooled as functioning nutcrackers. Guests are invited to take pecans (from a one ton pile) and place the nut between the mannequins' legs (where else?) to crack open and consume. "Made in Texas" is a one-night-only participatory installation for Dallas Contemporary's LEGENDARY gala on Thursday. It will feature a one ton pile of tortilla chips, a live stretching of queso Oaxaca cheese, and the Texas State Fair's 2010 salsa-making competition champion, Moises Silguero. Guests should "observe, consider, and eat" the evening's creations made by local workers using real equipment and ingredients. Lone Star Republic, let's get the party started. Tickets still available.

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