Introducing the Pawpaw; the Real Deal With Staging

• Introducing the Pawpaw, a “secret” mangolike fruit that grows native on this soil; Thomas Jefferson was reportedly really into them. [NPR]

• Attention, people with more money than sense: Why not spend $85 on this Starbucks and Alexander Wang collaboration in the form of a fake-coffee-stained shirt? [NYDN]

• You know the restaurants: reviled by critics, beloved by diners. Pulino’s is one such mysterious example. [NYP]

• If you need some challah for the High Holidays, considering dropping by William Greenberg Desserts, which has been in the Jewish bakery biz for 65 years. [DNA Info]

• Before you quit your job to go stage in some temple of gastronomy, here’s what it’s really like. [Word of Mouth/Guardian UK]