Inching Toward a Tavern on the Green Reopening

Whatever happens, it's unlikely these glittering days will return.

As hinted at, things are looking up for the indefinitely shuttered Tavern on the Green. Crain’s has it that the city’s recent announcement that the food trucks will vacate the space and their assessment of the soundness of the physical surroundings are a lead-up to a request for proposals for an operator to run the restaurant. It’s likely a new incarnation would be "less glitzy," with fewer chandeliers twinkling inside and fewer limos idling outside. Embattled Central Park Boathouse honcho Dean Poll, who won the Tavern contract several years ago only to stall on the reopening, would reportedly like another shot, but it’s unclear whether his willingness to negotiate with the union at the Boathouse would carry over to Tavern. And no word on whether Shake Shack still hopes to get its fry-greasy hands in there. [Crain’s]